Custom Balcony Railing

Balcony railings are a necessity, but by making the right choice they can also be an asset for your home. In addition to durability, custom iron balcony railings provide several advantages.

Slender profile

Iron balcony railings can be strong yet slender, so whether your view is ocean-side, mountain-high or cityscape, the railings don’t have to be in the way. With wood or concrete options, the balcony railings have to be thicker to provide the same stability. If privacy is needed, custom balcony railings can be adapted to provide more screening from neighbors.

Custom Designs

Customization gives you options. Carry on design themes from your home with custom iron work from Black Hawk Iron. A unique window lattice pattern can be copied in the iron balcony railings. Curves in the roofline can also  be matched. A dull exterior can be given curb appeal with an elaborate iron railing pattern or a simple modern style carried into simple modern lines. You don’t have to settle for off-the-rack options, but can incorporate custom balcony railings to add an unexpected or personalized element.

Easily Combine with Other Materials

Iron balcony railings do not have to work alone. They can be combined with other materials to echo design elements of the home or create a more comfortable seating area. Iron balcony railings placed between wood posts help create a warmer setting. Since metal can work as a long and unsupported span, it can be combined with glass panels to provide durability and an unrestricted view.


Unlike some options, iron railings do not have to be frequently repainted or replaced to stand up to the weather. A metallizing rust protection finish extends the life of your custom balcony railing.

Balcony railings are among the architectural elements that help to complete the look of your home, add curb appeal and create a comfortable and inviting seating space. Choose custom balcony railings from Black Hawk Iron and they will serve you well for a long time.

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