Custom Garden Trellies and Screens

Incorporating Custom Garden Trellises and Screens into Your Outdoor Space

Garden trellises and screens are not only beautiful, they can serve many functions as well. Homeowners in the gorgeous state of California want to make use of every inch of their outdoor space. After all, who wants to be indoors on a beautiful sunny day in Orange County?

Both garden trellises and screens help make use of vertical areas in any yard. Many can serve a dual purpose of being both an ornamental lawn decoration and a functional place to grow plants or even hide unsightly items on or around the home. Below are just a few ideas of ways to use your garden trellises and screens from Black Hawk Iron:

* Screened-In Work Station

A series of long, vertical sectional trellises can be used to create a space for gardening or tinkering with your favorite home projects. The trellises help conceal any unsightly project clutter and keep equipment out of sight.

* Garden Backdrop

A garden screen or trellis(es) can provide a logical place for the eye to follow in a spot that has an awkward natural transition. They are also great for adding height to a yard’s landscaping. Plant some vines to grow up the trellises and you’ll soon have a living wall that visitors will envy.

* Patio and Deck Privacy

Add instant charm to any plain deck or patio by enclosing them with garden screens or trellises. The beautiful structures provide the perfect ambiance for an inviting cafe table or a cozy porch swing.

Of course, these are just a few ways you can successfully incorporate garden trellises and screens into your outdoor decor. Since they are made from many different materials and in several sizes and styles, it’s safe to say that almost anyone can find a use for them in their outdoor space. Black Hawk Iron has a myriad of garden trellises and screens to choose from, so you are sure to find the exact style that fits your needs.

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