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A person visiting the home gets injured near the pool. The unfortunate accident lands the individual in the hospital for injuries, and the medical costs begin to skyrocket. Even though this was an accident, the property owner could still be on the hook for any expenses incurred as a result of this incident. Thousands of homeowners unaware of the hidden risks associated with having a private pool find themselves in this very predicament.

Understanding the Risks

A pool accident resulting in injuries or death is something all homeowners have to consider when having a pool installed on their premises. Each year, 2,600 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms for pool-related accidents. Many of these accidents are preventable. Proper oversight and supervision as well as secured fencing are important in avoiding unfortunate, serious accidents. While it is recommended that homeowners have at least $1 million in coverage for their property if they have a pool, many are left unprotected and end up being on the hook for negligence claims if an injury happens.

Securing the property with custom pool fencing

Each homeowner is responsible for securing their pool. The pool is considered an attractive nuisance, which is likely to attract young children. As a result, the pool is often one of the most dangerous areas of the home. The homeowner can secure the pool with custom fencing. The fencing is made specifically for the designated area. The fencing is designed using the pool’s dimensions and terrain requirements. The fence is made from quality, sturdy materials like steel and iron. This keeps the pool inaccessible to trespassers and children. An investment in custom pool fencing assures homeowners that their premises are safe and protects them from legal claims from pool accident.

Accidents are very much a risk for property owners who have a pool located on their premises. A custom pool fence for a private pool is the first step to securing the property. Getting adequate homeowners insurance for the property is the next step for ensuring the premises remain safe is the next step. A custom fence made for the area guarantees the property is properly secure while the homeowner’s away. It also makes it less accessible to children and visitors who cannot be supervised.

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