Custom Fireplace Screens

A fireplace is one luxury that tends to really set a home apart from cookie-cutter structures without flair. What most people tend to forget about is the ancillary features such as firescreens that can make a huge difference. A custom fireplace screen will confer the following benefits when chosen carefully

Fire Prevention and Safety

Obviously, the first priority with any firescreen is to prevent airborne embers from unexpectedly leaving the hearth during a fire. A custom fireplace screen can be specially fitted inside any opening so that accidental fire hazards are less likely to pose a fire hazard.

Aesthetics & Home Value

Generally speaking, a quality fireplace is a costly addition that should add value and utility to a home. You can kick things up a notch by complementing it with a firescreen that accentuates the visual appeal of the fireplace itself and jives with interior decor.

Long-Term Hardware Durability

Cheap firescreen options are typically composed of lousy materials that tend to wear out quickly. A good firescreen made from quality wrought iron or a similar substance will provide superior ROI thanks to resilience factors. Not having to replace screens every few years is pretty convenient.

Ease of Upkeep & Cleaning

A topnotch firescreen is going to pay for itself if you choose wisely. Cheap screens need to be cleaned and cared for every year if they’re going to last a moderate amount of time. Good screens are easy to clean and maintain when necessary.

Superior Heating Performance

Believe it or not, a great firescreen can actually make your fireplace perform at its peak potential. When you decide to kill the fire for the night, a great screen made from a material like wrought iron will store heat and radiate it for hours on end.

Custom Firescreens Done Right

A firescreen that delivers the goods is rarely cheap. While it may seem like an afterthought, firescreens are a big part of the hearth value equation. For homeowners in Orange County and beyond that want to maximize fireplace ROI, Black Hawk Iron has a solution that will work in any situation.

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