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Wrought Iron Accents for the Home

Wrought iron carries a certain romantic mystique with it. When one thinks of wrought iron one often thinks of Victorian fencing, elegant gates, and quaint benches. However, while wrought iron does indeed beautify the exterior of one’s home, it can beautify the interior, as well. The unique aspect of wrought iron is that it can be used to beautify and add detail to almost any structure or item within the home.

When deciding on how to utilize wrought iron within the home it is important to consider whether one wants it to be functional, in the form of hardware, or decretive, in the form of tasteful accents. They both look wonderful and mixing the two forms, accents and hardware, is perhaps the most popular option for using wrought iron within the home.

Tasteful wrought iron accents in a home can give that home a warm, rustic feel. Wrought iron accents on exposed beams, doors, and counters can all add a touch of individuality to the home.

In addition to accents, wrought iron makes for a very impressive look when used as exposed hardware. Wrought iron hinges, door knobs, window clasps, and cabinet hinges are just a few of the many ways that wrought iron hardware can be used within the home.

Another excellent way to use to wrought iron is as either hardware or accents on furniture. From wrought iron carriage bolts in tables to balusters supporting a handrail and even floor and table lamps wrought iron furniture adds taste and refinement to nearly any space.

Wrought iron adds a rustic aesthetic element to the home. It stands out by blending into the surrounding architecture.Wrought iron, more than just a decoration, adds a considered, artistic look to interior spaces.

Wrought iron carries with a certain timeless appeal. From classic farmhouses to Craftsman bungalows and everything in-between, wrought iron accents and hardware will improve the look and feel of any home.

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